Our managers have an extensive and varied expertise coming from a variety of business sectors related to the world of aeronautics. Among other things:

  • Management and operation of airline companies;
  • Ground handling agencies;
  • Maintenance of commercial aircraft fleets;
  • IT integration of operating systems;
  • Management of construction projects.

These areas of expertise result in innovative and forward-thinking approaches.

Aéro Mag was the first company to develop and obtain a certification from regulatory agencies in the following areas:

  • Recycling of used de-icing products in a concentrated and certified product for aircraft de-icing. This product is reused for aircraft de-icing by using advanced technology, the proportional mix, thus allowing the application of de-icing products in varying concentrations depending on the outdoor ambient temperature;
  • Aircraft de-icing with running engines;
  • Aircraft de-icing using forced air;
  • Fully automated systems of a variable proportional mix of de-icing products straight out of our de-icing trucks, and depending on the outdoor ambient temperature.