The development and implementation of a fully integrated and automated unique software system supporting the management and exploitation of centralized de-icing facilities:

  • Aircraft traffic management software;
  • Aircraft de-icing management software;
  • Aircraft light guide automation;
  • Pilot information board automation;
  • Integrated weather station;
  • Wireless data transmitting between the control center and the de-icing trucks;
  • Automation of the proportional mix water / deicing products directly from our trucks;
  • Computerized system of mixing and recovery of de-icing products.

For our clients, these innovations are reflected as follows:

  • Increased security in our de-icing procedures;
  • Substantial cost reductions;
  • Reduced processing times;
  • Reduced needs for investment in infrastructure;
  • Unfailing precision in the collection and distribution of de-icing data;
  • A better environment.


Aéro Mag 2000 has received approval of its Training Program (which is part of the company’s Procedure Manual) from the Canadian Regulatory Agency, Transport Canada.

Steering committees

Aéro Mag plays an active role as a member of various national and international steering committees:

  • Transport Canada’s National Committee on de-icing;
  • SAE G-12 de-icing international committee and various subcommittees;
  • FAA, AC 120 Regulatory Board on Aircraft De-icing (USA)
  • Air Transport Association Operations Council (USA)