A world premiere

With the recent construction of a used de-icing products recycling plant within its facilities in the de-icing centre at the Montreal-Trudeau International Airport, Aéro Mag is now able to offer its clients a recycled de-icing fluid that is reduced to its original state and certified by regulatory agencies.

This de-icing product is recycled with a concentration level of 99%. It is heated and diluted with water at a variable concentration rate, within the de-icing trucks. This rate fluctuates depending on the outdoor ambient temperature.

This process is unique to Aéro Mag!

The station, located at the Montreal-Trudeau airport, can be self-sufficient with its recycled glycol production, and this, for a full season. Annually, the plant has a capacity of 2 million liters of concentrated de-icing products.

Treatment plant capacity
  • 2400 liters/hour at 50% concentration

Storage capacity
  • Over 2 million liters of used glycol
  • Over 2 million liters of glycol recycled to 50% concentration
  • Over 400,000 liters of glycol recycled to 92% concentration