Training program

Aero Mag has developed a training program that meets the requirements of Transport Canada and the various airline companies. Procedures are standardized and apply to all airports where Aéro Mag has centralized facilities.

All new employees must complete an intensive program of in-class training that is provided by one of our qualified and certified trainer. Among other things, you will become familiar with:

- The different de-icing techniques, methods and types of de-icing products;
- Aircraft types and categories, their components and features;
- Health and safety around aircrafts as well as on the de-icing harness;
- The communication system.

Classroom training is followed by a practical training that is completed directly in the de-icing trucks and within our facilities. Each employee is trained and supported by experienced practical trainers.

- Driving a de-icing truck on the de-icing harness;
- Glycol application techniques depending on temperature and aircraft types;
- Truck filling and maintenance.

With a focus on our training program's continuous improvement, our Vancouver and Cleveland stations are equipped with an ultra modern simulator in order to develop techniques for our employees well before the start of the de-icing season.

*The training program is approved and recognized by Transport Canada.

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